8 Guideposts to Honor Your Rhythm

Oct 26, 2023

Years ago when I first put out my shingle as a coach, I had the tagline of “live within your rhythm”. I still love this phrase, but I can’t give you a step by step guide on how to do that. Because the nature of rhythm- flow, movement, and trusting- means that it’s naturally always changing. 


Living within your rhythm, walking to the beat of your own drum, is ultimately a practice. One that you get to do every day, should you choose. 


While I don’t have a formula, here are 6 things I’ve learned from having this mantra for over 7 years: 

Use what resonates with you as a guidepost for tuning into your own rhythm, and throw the rest out (but I have a hunch you’ll like all 8 😀) 



  • Create a Practice of Tuning Into Your Body: Start out with just 1 minute (I don’t care if you’re sitting on the toilet, an extra minute in your car on the way to get groceries, standing in your living room, or on your yoga mat). Listening to your body is a practice. The more you do it, the easier you can hear what it has to say. (Want something guided? Hit Reply, and I’ll send you a personalized practice.) 
  • Spend time in nature (sans devices). We are connected to earth and its rhythms: the seasons, the tides, the weather. Connecting to the biorhythms of the earth will in turn connect you to yourself. Also, fresh air, sunshine, and not looking at a screen is a resource and plain ol’ good for the soul. 
  • Observe your energy crests and dips. You have a certain amount of energy each day and there are times where you naturally feel more ready, focused, and creative and times where you feel the energy drain and unengaged. See if there are things you can switch around so that your tasks that need your focus can be during those peaks and tasks that are more rote can be during the dips. 
  • Discern the motivation. Are you working out at 6am because you think that successful people do that or are you working out at 6am because you genuinely enjoy getting your day started with movement? Intention and motivation matters. 
  • Make small adjustments. Start looking at the things you have to do and see how you can make them more enjoyable, aka, less tedious. For example: I am not the most enthusiastic chef. In fact, I mostly dislike cooking except for parties. But I’ve recognized that if I do cook, I enjoy cooking in the morning. So I’ve adjusted to planning some evening meals or doing the prep in the morning, to make evenings less tedious for myself. 
  • Ask for support (be open to receive). We live in community and thrive in community. When we ask for support, we are allowing others the chance to show up for you. Asking for support can look like talking to your partner and asking them to support a schedule shift to better fit your rhythm or it can look like asking your boss to reschedule your 1:1 for a better time that doesn’t fall into the peak of your creativity time. 
  • Set boundaries. In order to live within your rhythm, it’s important to learn what disrupts the rhythm and have safeguards in place to limit the disruptors. 


Saving the best for last…


  • Rest. When you allow your body to deeply rest, you’re allowing it to reset and for your natural rhythm to emerge.  


REMEMBER: You are designed to know yourself deeply, to know what it’s like to have the pleasure of honoring your natural cycles. When you honor your rhythm, you show other people how to honor theirs too. 


xx Kayleigh M


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