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As an embodiment and nervous system coach, my mission is to help you reclaim your right to thrive. I’m here to guide you out of depletion and survival mode so you can live and lead from a place of deep self-trust and embodied alignment.

From dedicating the last 15 years to understanding my own nervous system, body and how to live in authentic alignment, I believe that alchemizing the wisdom of the body with the intellect of the mind is how you can live your life confidendly and bravely, on your own terms. Because when we do, magic happens. 

Not the bippity, boppity, boo magic: the magic of de-conditioning from old stories, being successful without numbing out and abandoning yourself, unleashing your intuition and creative energy, and trailblazing the path to what you deeply desire. 

My approach is gentle, compassionately paced, deeply curious and sometimes a little spicy. I’ll be by your side in your most vulnerable moments of self discovery, and I’ll also call out your BS if it walks in the door. I’ll support you to break through your most stuck stories, rewire your nervous system, and shift into your most aligned, vibrant self. 

I blend my coaching expertise with Somatic Experiencing, embodied practices, polyvagal theory, positive psychology principles, and so much more to guide you to deeply connect with your own body and harness your wisdom and power from within

And while all the formal training I’ve done is vitally important, my gift of identifying the cycles that keep you stuck and how the body is the key to break free was truly born out of doing (and continuing to do) this work within my own self.



becoming an inner alchemist

In college, a professor affectionately dubbed me a "nibbler" (which due to my penchant for eating peanut m&m's by the chocolate first, then the peanut), I immediately said "yupp, that's me".

And I clung onto this identity for YEARS.

Because it both described my life up to that point- the various unfinished craft projects in my mom’s basement, bouncing around different after school activities, and being a particularly slow eater.

But as I clung harder to being a nibbler and even wrote my grad school entry essay on this identity, I saw it sneaking into all areas of my life, including my healing journey. I dipped my toe traditional talk therapy, hypnosis, NLP (neurolinguistic programming), yoga, read all the self-help books, and meditated all to solve the baffling reality of “why do I do what I do when I know what I know?”.

I wondered why people around me were thriving or bouncing back from challenges, while I still felt like I was trudging myself through quicksand.

What I’ve come to realize over time is that while I had gained a lot of insight and knowledge about myself (and read all those good self-help books), I was missing the thread that could weave all of those smaller insights together into a cohesive picture.

I learned that I was moving and operating in life from old, inherited and learned patterns. Once I acknowledged this, I was able to acknowledge that those patterns got me to where I am today, but they are no longer serving me.

Through my own journey and witnessing the power of embodied knowledge in others, I now know more than ever how being in deep conversation with the language of your body, and steeping in nourishing support builds our inner resilience and live in alignment.

So I began to learn to listen to my body’s signals and its own rhythms outside of society’s expectations and my inherited narrative. Listening to my body turned out to be the gateway I needed to feel safe and unravel the patterns that no longer served me and that were blocking me from feeling that deep sense of trust within myself.

We each have a rich history of events, traumas, patterns, and beliefs. We each have an innate desire to recalibrate our bodies to homeostasis. We each crave that understanding of how we can take all that we know and turn it into powerful, meaningful action.

It is my deep intention and purpose to help you alchemize and transmute the past, rewire your system for safety, and restore your deep sense of self-trust so that you can vibrantly step into your next phase of life.

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when we alchemize the experiences of our past, we turn the power that previously kept us stuck in cycles of regret and turn it into fuel to live our purpose. 


like the phrase from Avatar, I'm here to see, celebrate, honor, and support all parts of you. (I just don't have a cool tail that connects to the heartbeat of mother earth.)


 I work hard, but I work within my own rhythm. AKA: I prioritize deep restorative rest, play, listening to my nervous system, and don't tie my worthiness to my productivity.

what you’d learn about me over lunch

⧁ I’m an old soul and can often be heard saying things like “well sew a button on ice cream”. (It’s a saying from my grandma, and I still don’t fully know what it means…)

⧁ I thrift 75% of my clothes. Not only do I do it for the environment but it helps me break out of the shell of what I would typically buy at a store. 

⧁ I belong to a puzzle club. We exchange puzzles on the reg and I’m the person they give the complex 1000 piece ones no one else wants to do.

⧁ I don’t like cooking on a daily basis, but I love cooking for special occasions + friends. 

⧁ I’m a Jersey-born cat lady. My kitties are named Pluto and Juniper. 


book a connection call!

A connection call with me is the best way for us get to know one another to see if my approach and coaching style would be a good fit for you. We get 90-minutes together for you to experience a taste of coaching and to see if that gut feeling turns into a full body yes. 



I am a big proponent of live what you teach and I continually invest in myself professionally and personally. Here are my professional qualifications and credentials:
  • Graduate of the California Institute of Integral Studies with a MA in Integrative Health Studies and certifications in Wellness Coaching & Guided Imagery
  • Advanced-Level trained in Somatic Experiencing
  • Nationally Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC) 
  • I wrote my thesis on an embodied approach to recovering from burnout, but got my "PhD" in burnout after working 4 years in corporate tech
  • For 3 years, I trained over 300 health coaches, spearheaded the creation of coaching operations, and led a high-performing L&D team
  • I am a 500-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher and have a certificate in Mindful Yoga Therapy with over thousands of teaching hours and 12+ years of experience
  • For 4 years, I directed and facilitated programming at a non-profit mindfulness center which provided experiential education around PTSD, trauma, and self-care
  • I also hold certifications in Applied Positive Psychology and Positive Psychology Coaching from The Flourishing Center
  • Dare to Lead Trained
  • Currently finishing the Polyvagal-Informed Certificate for Coaches