Inner Alchemy

Six months of reuniting with the wisdom of your body to transform your patterns, restore your power of choice, and unleash your most vibrant being. 


Inner Alchemy

Six months of reuniting with the wisdom of your body to transform your patterns, unleash your most vibrant being, and turn your limiting beliefs into liquid gold. 

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to feel safe disconnecting from work, enjoying rest, and having a life that gives more than it takes?


✗ Do you dream about redefining yourself and reclaiming an identity outside of your work and productivity?

✗  Are you tired of putting everyone else's needs above your own and feeling resentful and depleted? 

✗ Do you want to step off the perfectionism and hustle-for-your-worth wheel and know how to find a sense of safety and settledness inside of yourself? 

âś— Are you ready to stop abandoning yourself and live with more self-trust?

If your answer is yes to any of the above, read on my friend. Inner Alchemy is for you. 

Welcome to:

Inner Alchemy

an invitation to: 

â–¸ Develop a flexible, resilient nervous system so you can move through challenging situations without checking out or shutting down

▸ Rewrite limiting stories that keep you from making sovereign choices 

â–¸ Learn how to live from joy, desire and pleasure


Join me for a transformative six-month 1:1 coaching experience designed to help you harness the power of your inner knowing and chart the path towards your unprecedented visionary self.

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This is the moment where you breathe a big exhale: because saying yes to yourself is possible.


If you’ve spent time (even years) glorifying your overachiever status, hustling for your worth,  self-abandoning, and going going going until pure exhaustion- I get it. 

Saying yes to your needs and desires has slowly slid to the bottom of your list because the idea of being rejected, abandoned, or not being valued feels like hot garbage.

So you’ve been running on autopilot: surviving.

But you don't have to be. Your nervous system was designed not just to keep you safe but to keep you connected to others, the world around you, and first and foremost, to yourself.  

The protective mode your body's been stuck in isn’t its natural state.  

And when you know how to break the cycle, you get to become the alchemist of your own experience and turn your past experiences and trauma into the energy of fully trusting yourself and choosing what’s right for you. 


You get to say YES to choosing from a place of purpose, passion, pleasure and joyful devotion to yourself. 

Our 6 Months Together

Six months of one-on-one individualized support to help you turn limiting beliefs into expansive opportunities, transform trauma into resilient treasure, and transmute stuck energy into radiant, powerful, aligned action.

Month 1: Unearth Your Patterns

Throughout our lives, we’ve taken the beliefs we’ve inherited from our family, our communities, and our society and combined them with our experience to build survival patterns that underlie everything we do (and don’t do). We’ll unearth the limiting patterns that live within your nervous system so that you get to choose how to break free.

Month 2: Untether Your Story

When we intentionally cultivate a system oriented toward safety and pleasure, we weaken the cord tethering us to our fear and shame. Together we’ll take you off of protective autopilot, free you to rebuild your foundation based on desire and worthiness, and reimagine what it’s like to play.

Month 3: Unleash Your Authenticity

How do you define success? What do you let define your values? What do you want to devote your precious energy towards? We unpack the limiting definitions that perpetuate scarcity thinking and redefine what it means to be successful, productive, and happy. 

Month 4: Uncover Your Vision

What are you fiercely dedicated to? What hope are you unwilling to let go? We get crystal clear on how you manifest your vision of the most aligned, authentic, and fulfilled life: what you're doing, how you're being in life, and what rituals and commitments you're fiercely dedicated to.

Month 5: Unlock Self-Trust

The key to self-trust already lives within you. And it starts by showing up for yourself.  What would you have to let go of in order to embrace the wisdom of your intuition? We’ll examine the leaks in your self-trust and re-establish your connection to inner worthiness and boundaries to protect your sacred knowing.

Month 6: Unpack Your Gift

This month, you step fully into courageously living from your values, taking aligned action, and freely be-ing your most radiant, unapologetic self. We’ll solidify your anchors that keep you grounded and resourced as you celebrate living from inner abundance.

Don't just imagine the life you'd get to create if you released all the stories of who you were told you should be and stepped into the truth of who you're truly meant to be: CHOOSE IT. 

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What's Included

14 Private Coaching Sessions 
We'll meet for powerful, 1:1 coaching conversations each month.
The initial month, we will meet weekly for 50 minutes.
Months 2-6, we will meet bi-weekly for 75 minutes. 
During our time together, you will experience guided imagery and meditations, Somatic Experiencing techniques, journal reflections, intuitive guidance, and more. 
The Inner Alchemy Pillars 
Each month, we'll move through one of the Inner Alchemy pillars: Unearth Your Patterns, Untether Your Story, Unleash Your Authenticity, Uncover Your Vision, Unlock Self-Trust, and Unpack Your Gift. This experience is fully guided and will be tailored to meet your individual needs. 


Inner Alchemy Workbook
This workbook is designed to help you integrate your own work and facilitate even deeper self-discovery in between sessions. 
Unlimited Voxer and Email Support 
To help you get the most out of our time together, you have unlimited Voxer (text + voice notes) and email support. You're encouraged to use this for check-ins, resources, support in between sessions, and more. 


Inner Alchemy is for you if: 

You're ready

ready to transform the cycles that keep you stuck into radiant, powerful, aligned action.

You're dedicated

to partnering with your intuition and partnering with your body to break free of old, limiting stories.

You want to 

show up for yourself authentically and learn new tools to reclaim your personal power.

by showing up instead of checking out you...

✺ Regain your sense of agency 

✺ Embody the qualities of the person you're meant to be

âśş Make empowered choices that honor your intuition and boundaries

✺ Become the person who doesn’t let their past define their future.

Inner Alchemy 1:1 Program

Your 6 month experience includes:


1:1 Coaching with Kayleigh: We'll have a total of 14 transformative coaching sessions together

The 6 Pillars: Unearthing Your Patterns, Untether Your Story, Unleash Your Authenticity, Uncover Your Vision, Unlock Self-Trust, and Unpack Your Gift

The Inner Alchemy Workbook which includes somatic exercises, journal prompts, and integrative writing practices

Unlimited Voxer and email access

Your Investment: $3600 or 6 payments of $600
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And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom

Anaïs Nin