Permission to be human

Feb 18, 2023
Permission to be Human

One of my most favorite phrase / concept that I took away from my training in positive psychology was permission to be human. 

It sounds quite obvious, but I've noticed that we rarely actually give ourselves permission. 

Just yesterday, I became my own case study:

I got a migraine while in a coaching session. Even though I gave myself time to rest (progress!), I felt guilty for not writing content that was on my to-do list. I attempted to do work, even though my head wasn't in the right space, because I felt that recovering from a migraine wasn't a good enough reason to not work.

 Oof. There it was again, hustle + productivity culture trying to weasel it's way back in.

So I took the cue from my body- again- to shut my computer and rest.

 Does this sound familiar? Do you also feel like it's hard sometimes to give yourself permission, even have basic human needs like rest? 

 As we ease further into the year, the pressure to keep up and hit our goals and not fall behind can increase. The pressure to BE the best instead of DOING your best gets higher. 

So my gift to you this week is to take the permission you need:

  • Permission to be need more support than usual
  • Permission to be messy
  • Permission to not know what you want
  • Permission to rest
  • Permission to leave a toxic situation
  • Permission to do nothing
  • Permission to take time to heal
  • Permission to be human
  • Permission to ________(whatever you need)_________ . 

 When we keep giving ourselves permission to BE whatever it is that we are, we heal the pattern of should-ing ourselves and come into greater alignment. We reclaim the inherent right for our human needs.

And when we give ourselves permission to rest, and heal, and not know what we want, we're actually giving ourselves time to trust our intuition.

With you on this wild ride of being human

xx Kayleigh M 


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