How to have your most productive year yet

Feb 18, 2023
How to have your most productive year yet

I had the most productive year last year. It was a smashing success. And it’s going to surprise you because my year probably didn’t look anything like what you imagine it would. 

 I started the year off outwardly highly productive: overachieving in my job, doing everything to support my team, mentoring, hiking every weekend, and doing a bunch of travel.

 That was only 5 months of the year. Then I quit my full time job in health-tech  And that’s when true productivity began.

 But I didn’t send out 100’s of applications, I didn’t speak with recruiters, I didn’t go to the gym everyday, I didn’t reach inbox zero, I didn’t reorganize every closet, and I didn’t take any courses.

 What I did do:

  • I deeply rested. I had days of sleeping in and zero plans. 
  • I spent passive time in nature- laying in a hammock, floating in the lake, watching the sunset. 
  • I met with my therapist often
  • I visited and hosted close friends and family. 
  • I read a few books and moved my body for pleasure
  • I journaled and did a mindset practice frequently. 
  • I got a new kitty and snuggled both of my cats A LOT 

Now you may be thinking to yourself “what the hell Kayleigh- that’s not being productive; you just took a break.” Or maybe the thought of “wow, she’s lazy and selfish” crossed your mind. It’s ok if it did because those are the exact thoughts that crossed my mind many times too.

It took me time to understand that this deep internal work of resting and healing IS productive. It doesn’t have the same external validations, it’s not a flashy thing you can post to your LinkedIn, and no one’s handing out awards for taking care of yourself. But the rewards and the dividends that you’ll reap in the long run can and will mean so much more. 

Our society and culture has limited the idea of productivity to the definition of “Producing or capable of producing crops, goods, or services, especially in abundance."

But the second and third dictionary definitions are Marked by abundant production or achievement; fertile. Yielding favorable or useful results; constructive.” 

So my question is: when were we taught that nourishing ourselves, listening to our bodies, committing time to deep healing, and replenishing our resources isn’t productive or constructive or abundant?


What if productivity isn't just our outward accomplishments? What would happen to our energy, our concept of self-worth, how we value ourselves if we flipped this idea of productivity being a “look what I did” competition and rather a measure of all the things and time we take to nourish ourselves? 

It’s time to disrupt the hustle mentality and unpair productivity with achieving outward results and instead, pair it with how we nurture ourselves on a daily basis. 

When you take time to acknowledge ourselves for the small and big things that you do, you rewire your brain and nervous system towards a feedback loop of nourishment and deeply knowing that you are worth the time and energy. 

I'm setting the intention that this will be your most productive year yet. 


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