My name is Kayleigh M., and for 8 years, I dedicated myself to what I thought was my passion: art and textile design. I got a great job in NYC that directly utilized my degree and gave me flexibility outside of work to pursue other hobbies. I had a seemingly enviable life. Secretly, I felt empty, disappointed, uninspired, and checked out.

I felt the pull of staying at a safe job and the fear of “wasting my artistic talent” to pursue my passion of integrative health and wellness. I felt the guilt of giving up stability. I realized that it wasn’t my job that was making me unhappy; it was about the mismatch of how I was relating to my job and not feeling in sync with my own desires and needs.

But letting myself be restricted by guilt and underlying belief that I didn’t deserve to pursue my passions were scarier than trying something new and the possibility of failing. Slowly, I began investing in things that made me feel alive again.

Because I wanted to be proud of my decisions, to trust my intuition, and make empowered choices.
Because I didn’t want to repeat the negative patterns of my past or the patterns of my family.
Because I wanted to follow through on the things I set out to do and live a better life.

2016-09-06 09.52.32.jpg

I learned to listen to my body and relate to others, my environment, and myself in a healthy and loving way. I learned how to utilize my internal and external resources to support me during any situation. I learned to trust my intuition and inner rhythm and how to live within it. I could feel the difference in my body of being excited to work and feeling light rather than dreading the day and feeling heavy.

Overtime, I recognized what continuously makes me feel inspired and engaged: connecting with and supporting others to feel in-tune, in charge, and inspired in their everyday life.  

This is what I am inspired to share with you and continue to live in my own life. I believe we all have the ability to find balance and deserve to cultivate the practices to live a well and thriving life. I believe that connection is the birthplace of strength and resilience and it begins with reconnecting with yourself and your rhythm.

If you connect with this and are ready to made bold choices that support your wellbeing or the wellbeing of your team, get in touch!