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Tune into the beat of your living: the pulse of connection, the heartbeat of your core and uncover the rhythm within. 

My Philosophy:

Your body has a natural rhythm: when you learn to listen and trust it, you are gifted with new perspectives and can see your core self more clearly. 

Changing habits, lifestyles, and behaviors begins with deeply listening to one’s self, connecting to inner motivation and purpose, and making intentional and meaningful choices.

I believe change is a non-linear process and challenges, discomfort, and feeling unsure or stuck are opportunities for growth and discovery. I believe sustainable lifestyle change involves commitment and intention. As a coach, I hold each client's mind and body as a powerful source of wisdom and strength and create a space for empathetic support, encouragement, evaluation, and accountability.

I have an integrative and holistic approach to coaching, which means that I look at the physical, mental, emotional, and environmental aspects of a persons' life and how each are interconnected. I engage my clients in curious, deep self-inquiry to access inner strengths and intuition and generate change from an empowered and intentional place.

Simply put, I believe each person has all that they need and everything they have they need.

Embodied Wellness Coaching

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Together We Will: 

  • Uncover your unique path to well be-ing
  • Shift your lifestyle to reflect how you want to live
  • Discover your body & minds’ needs
  • Deconstruct limiting patterns & beliefs
  • Set achievable and self-initiated goals to realize the change you want see
  • Ignite balance, passion, & connection 
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WHat my clients are saying

I reached out to Kayleigh for coaching after seeing a few of her inspiring posts on social media. Her words touched into areas of my life where I was felt inadequate and her personality is warm and inviting so I gave it a shot. I am 100% pleased with my experience. Kayleigh supported me in getting in tune with my body and my emotions, allowing me to start a practice towards a life of self-love and acceptance, without judgement. I highly recommend her coaching to anyone who may be intuitively struggling. I am still using many of the tools she shared with me and allowing myself to receive all of the gifts the Universe is offering.
— Angelica D., Compliance Director
Kayleigh is a lovely coach! She’s really got a wonderful understanding of tuning in and helping you dig at what’s blocking you, and then working on some ideas on how to get around that blockage. She’s very compassionate, and sensitive to things that come up in a session, and is good about staying in touch.
— Taylor M., Product Specialist
Kayleigh made a huge impact on me after just a few coaching sessions. She was an amazing listener and set a really supportive, comfortable tone during each of our conversations. By guiding me through our discussions with helpful questions and insights, she helped me develop my own goals around areas including sleep, diet and stress reduction. Her positive, kind demeanor made our sessions a real pleasure.
— Olivia W.
Kayleigh brings a beautiful array of skills, care, deep listening and practical wisdom to her coaching. We worked by phone and I could hear the care in her voice and the deep understanding and empathy in how she responded to my challeneges. She knew when to be supportive and when to supportively ask me to consider alternatives in how I viewed a situation or a problem, or felt stuck. Kayleigh brings up to date information about many health issues and how what we do/think helps create more health. At every turn, I felt honored and supported in making changes in my eating and exercise habits, and recognizing the progress I was making. Her understanding, the way she consistently was present and supportive, along with her practical tools and wisdom made Kayleigh’s coaching a truly wonderful experience.
— Paula