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Mindfulness of Self-Care: 4-week Program

Imagine what it would be like to care for yourself in a loving way instead of seeing it as an obligation. What if you gave yourself permission to make bold choices to claim what your body needs, deserves, and desires? In our society, we are encouraged to work longer and harder, flawlessly balance work, relationships and children, and maintain a fit body. We have learned to override our needs and desires. In the Mindfulness of Self-Care series, you will learn how to take your hand off the override button, honor what is present, and take the steps to prioritize yourself. 

Mindfulness of Self-Care is designed to support you in cultivating balanced, sustainable, and nourishing self-care practices. In this 4-week series, we will uncover and shift limiting beliefs and habits and empower one another to build resilience and worthiness. 

Over the Course We Will:

  • Transform your relationship with your body and inner critic
  • Recognize obstacles to self-care
  • Develop practices of forgiveness & gratitude
  • Identify the body's needs and desires
  • Utilize imagery and visualization to uncover limiting beliefs and patterns

Refueling the Body: 6-Week Program

For busy professionals who want to feel more resourced, connected, and resilient

this 6-week program teaches you how to use the body’s innate resources to aid in the recovery & prevention of Burnout through re-establishing connection with sense of self, purpose, and personal empowerment.

  • 6 weekly two-hour modules help you mitigate work-related stress and disconnection and restore a sense of wholeness and vitality
  • Each Module contains the following:
    * Experiential guided imagery and guided meditation
    * Experiential exercise related to the module topic
    * Educational background and information for topic
    * Dyad/Group processing     

Course Breakdown:

Module II: Recover and Reboot
- Embodied Mindfulness
- Calling Your Inner Guide
- Body Wisdom

Module IV: Revitalizing Passion and Purpose
- Living within your Strengths
- The Power of Purpose
-  Value within for Value out

Module VI: Revolutionize Self-Care
- Clear Boundaries for Wellbeing
- Tools for sustainable change
- Commitment: to Yourself and Whole-Hearted Living

Module I: Recalibrate Your Nervous System
- The Physiology of Burnout
- Fight, Flight, Freeze and the Body
- Real-Time Resourcing and Resilience

Module III: Refilling Your Well
- Cultivating a Mindset of Compassion
- The Science of Gratitude
- Reframing for Resilience  

Module V: Rekindle Connection
- The Power of Social Engagement
- Communication with Intention
- Pathways to Connection and Community