Philosophy & Background

Your mat is the place that will hold you when all else seems to fall away. 
Your mat is the place where be-ing is the only thing you need to do. 
Your mat is the place that will absorb the tears, the anger, the hurt, and the sadness. 
Your mat is the place that will open the parts that are closed and challenge you to be present to what is. 
Your mat is the place where change is embraced, welcomed, and naturally evolving. 
Your mat is where authentic joy emerges and your soul shines. 
My mat is my refuge, my home and the place where I lay my head and say "thank you."

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I am continually inspired by the ability of yoga to marry flexibility and strength, while encouraging greater introspection and awareness of self. 

Fascinated by the healing benefits of yoga and the approach of viewing the body and mind as a integrated entity, I have developed a dedicated yoga practice, and have been teaching for over 5 years. After exploring various different practices, I was drawn to the comprehensive teachings of ISHTA yoga, where I completed my 500 hour training. With the guidance of teachers Alan Finger, Wendy Newton, Mona Anand, Peter Ferko, Melissa Brasier, and Meaghan Jarensky, I have cultivated my passion for teaching others. 

I bring a light-hearted, playful, and alignment focused practice to my students. With my artful approach to sequencing an intuitive and dynamic flow, I emphasize the exploration of one's own body and the powerful connection between mind, body, and breath. As a teacher, I provide a space where students can approach their practice with curiosity and draw awareness to their own experience and energy. I seamlessly weave philosophy and awareness of the chakras into each class, and promotes deep relaxation through yoga nidra.   

With my special interest in serving and bringing yoga to the PTSD community, I received a certification in Mindful Yoga Therapy for veterans with PTSD. Studying with Suzanne Manfort, Sheila Magalhaes, and Dui Mora expanded my understanding of the profound therapeutic effects of yoga. I continue to explore somatic approaches to trauma, anxiety, and stress through Somatic Experiencing.